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Arya Stark with Needle

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Arya Stark Portrait

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Arya Stark in the Forest

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How do you create a portrait of the most dangerous lady in Westeros?

Meet Arya Stark.  the clever, tough and gritty hero of the poor and meek. (Not to mention a Noble)

She definitely needs a great portrait of herself for the wall just like and person should!

To solve this riddle we replicated the feel of a portrait painter of the baroque to renaissance time. Using various techniques of Rembrandt lighting and certain post processing we were able to convey a sense of dignity. 

Maintaining the feel of the age and her gritty forest living was a bit of a task since most portraits are about being pristine and flawless.  Showing real people with real flaws adds a sense of honesty and can be very powerful.

The bonus of this shoot was a licensing deal with Shire Coin Mint to use the coin image for their posters, web advertising and merchandise packaging!  Our contact, Tom was a great person to work with and I highly recommend checking out their cool merch.

While photographing ginny with the coin we tried several different looks and the photo posted here had the top result. It immediately grabbed the attention of Shire Post Mint.  Always keep in mind the clients needs or possible needs and what they may want to use the images for in their advertising.  

Now ginny's face will be all over the internet and super famous!

You can find more of my work here 




Ginny is a professional cosplayer as well as a wonderful actor while playing the role of Arya Stark.  Finding the essence of the character is the real trick to creating a striking image.



This Photoshoot was shot on a Canon 5d mkii with White Lighting strobes, 3 foot and 5 foot octo boxes as well as a beauty dish.  Post processing was done in Capture One, Photoshop CC and Alien Skin Exposure 7.

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